Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


honourable members of the Cyprus-Austria Business Association!

Since the end of August 2012, when I came with my family as newly appointed Ambassador of Austria to Cyprus, this country has been going through new, important and also traumatic economic and political experiences and transitions. They amounted in fact to nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. Right from the start, I have felt welcome here, during the efficiently run EU Presidency of Cyprus, and I have found an amazingly friendly acceptance and hospitality which has helped me enormously with my work. I have tried as well as I could to learn as much as possible about this wonderful country which I – as an incorrigible optimist – strongly believe has a great potential and future before it.


I believe that the Cyprus-Austria Business Association, with its members representing impressive, eminent, strong, experienced, successful and dedicated business people and friends of Austria, has a very strong role to play both in intensifying a drive to connect our two countries more strongly economically and in contributing to help Cyprus to come out of its ongoing predicaments successfully and as soon as possible. To that end, I am eager to assist with any initiatives, activities, strategies or institutional arrangements and corresponding invitations to Austrian business people or experts that might prove useful to that effect.


I hope that important initiatives will materialize in the fall of this year and will do my utmost to contribute to making a success of them for the benefit of our two countries.


With my best wishes for the future and with the conviction that we will work fruitfully together.


Welcome Address by the

Karl Mueller

Austrian Ambassador